diz bout ma lurv!!!

thiz iz bout ma loPly chenta!!!!blh katAkan chenta mati la jgk aQ ngn dia..heheh..So..klo aQ da ckp mcm tu,,jgn sesiapa beranI kAcAw AQ punyA rElationShip ngn DIa...cOz i Luv HIm SO muCh!!!

FoR mA dEaR:i aM apprEcIaTe whAT u oREadY dOnE foR me..EsPeCiALLy 4 mA lIFE!!!iM aPpReCIaTE EveRY SeCondZ wHEn u ArE Wif Me..

Hold my haNdz when im cLoSE Wif u..u OwEz maKe me lauGH wif all ur StuPid jokes...maKe me fAllin lUrv wif ur luv soNgs...i lIke ur voice!!!i like all things dat u do..So that,,it hurts me to see ma Chuk hurting.....i dunt want!!cuz i Lurv him so much!!!!muahhxx ma cHuk!!!

i like ma chuk playing a guitar wif da soft n roMantic voice..Wow!!!so amazing..i like music very muCh!!.I liKE DA SOng by Gllen Fredly and MLTR...da lyrics iz more touching.....i luvvvv!!!

You took my heart away,

when my whole world was gray,

You gave me everything,

and a little bit more...

And when it's cold at night,

and you sleep by my side,

you become the meaning of my life..!!!yeah!!!!muahhhxx ma chuk!!

dIz soNG make me cry coz so meaningful for me..:(

*masihkah mungkin

ku kembali tuk mengisi harimu

yang jelas hati

ku tak lagi sanggup jauh darimu

"aku kan berjanji

takkan mengulang segala kesalahan

aku kan mengabdi

pada satu cinta dan itu dirimu

jujur ku hanya seorang lelaki

yang terkadang tak lepas dari godaan..."

harus kumiliki

kesempatan tuk menyayangmu lagi..

PaPuN aQ Hapy skrng..tllu apyy...pa pun yg aQ buat,,diA mzti aDa dsbelAh aQ..support all things dat i do..i luv him so much!!!

errrmmm...what other things i want to share wif u all is about relationship..Having a strong and exciting relationship is an art that should be learned and applied in everyday of life...2 be a gud relationship not only about talking..there r bouT givinG as well.Letz try to brighten up ur partner day by cooking,buying him a little gift or arranging a romantic weekend together!!

i OWeZ remember my chuk said wif me when we have a problem,a lot more effective approach iz tRy to dizcuzz the pRob n explain da feeling..never use a "silent treatment"!!!coz iz not gud for da relationship..but me oso one of da person like to be like that when we have something prob!!!im sory chuk~~~heheh:-)

huhuh..others things iz try 2 give ur partner some free space..dOnt demand from da person dat u care bout to spend all his free time with u...try not 2 start ur sentences wif "u should","you shouldn't..No one likes to be ordered around and told what to do..sO that,we must respect da wishes and decisions even we have something dont agree wift them..

"With the little patience, understanding and creativity you can turn even the short affair into an amazing long-lasting passionate relationship"!yeah!!

Falling in love is the most natural. it never looks in the future, in fact it has no future but it gives life some spirit of freshness and youthfulness!!!SaME wif my feeling rite now....im so happiness n so great!!

-By miz reaVeAntOX@aNnaSarDewi-

Friday, October 22, 2010

whoz be da gud fwen???

mna 1 kwan yg baek???
kwan yg le share ngn kt apa2 jak ka@kwan yg mnympan rhsia ngn kt....
klo aq laa kan...klo aq anggp dia kwan...aq kan share pa jak psal hal aq...even dia x tny pun aq bgtaw..itu AQ laaa...yalaaa....namany jgk kwan...SHARING is CARING right...heheh!!


  1. Aku pun sama.....da nama pun kawan kan so apa salahnya share2...ahahahaha

  2. sharing is luving...hehe..moral of d story,jgnla berahsia lau benda tu nant menjerat diri sendiri...hehe...babtu hpku sentiasa c deq cek,takut aku berahsia..kan deq???hihi